10 Best Nonfiction Books Of All Time

I have listed some of the best books and would recommend them to all my nonfiction book readers. There are plenty of books covering multiple genres, but this list is my personal favorite. I hope you enjoy reading books from my book list.

The book-list includes the most read, most sold, most recommended ones. Reading these books will change the dynamics of your thinking and the way of living life.

1. The Diary of a Young Girl

Author: Anne Frank

Best Nonfiction Books

A historic life story of a young girl Anne Frank. This book is her personal diary recorded during world war II. It starts with Anne’s 13th birthday and continues with her daily life during the war. It is the World’s most famous diary till date.

2. The Theory of Everything

Author: Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author. He is believed to be one of the world’s greatest minds. His other popular book includes A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes and Unlocking the Universe.

3. Atomic Habits

Author: James Clear

James Clear explains ways of building good habits and becoming better every day. This book will help you transform your life. You will start focusing on small changes in your daily habits, which will eventually result in compound growth.

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4. Thinking, Fast and Slow

Author: Daniel Kahneman

The book shares two models of thoughts. The first one is fast, instinctive, and emotional. While the second one is slower, more deliberative, and more logical. This book will change your way of thinkings and your response towards events in life.

5. When Breath Becomes Air

Author: Paul Kalanithi

Best Nonfiction Books

When Breath Becomes Air is an autobiography written by American neurosurgeon Paul Kalanithi. It’s a story about his life and illness. A battle to live and struggles he had to undergo being a metastatic lung cancer patient.

6. Man’s Search for Meaning

Author: Viktor E Frankl 

Best Nonfiction Books

Man’s Search for Meaning is a 1946 book by Viktor Frankl sharing his experiences as a prisoner, in Nazi concentration camps, during World War II. Frankl presented his idea of imagining the future. The way the prison perceived their future affected their longevity.

7. Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

Author: Malcolm Gladwell

This book presents the human psychology behind our unconscious mind and our instant response towards it. Malcolm Gladwell explores the phenomenon of ‘blink’, showing how a snap judgment can be far more effective than a cautious decision. By trusting your instincts, he reveals, you’ll never think about thinking in the same way again.

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8. Rainbow in the Cloud

Author: Maya Angelou

Rainbow in the Cloud offers nearly 300 of Maya Angelou’s wonderful quotes, organised in themed sections (including art, love, spirituality, womanhood, and life in the American South)

9. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Author: Yuval Noah Harari

Best Nonfiction Books

A fabulous book for all curious readers. You will get to know how our civilization came into inexistence. How religion, currency, caste, education system, economics, politics, were originated. It talks about ancient history and the evolution of humankind.

10. Meditations

Author: Marcus Aurelius

Best Nonfiction Books
Best Nonfiction Books

The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius offer a remarkable series of challenging spiritual reflections and exercises developed as the emperor struggled to understand himself and make sense of the universe.

What’s your favorite nonfictional book you read? Comment and let me know if you like Bookfluke’s book recommendations or any feedback you have on this post.

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