A Complete List Of Sudha Murty Books That You Must Read!

List Of Sudha Murty Books

Sudha Murty was born in 1950 in Shiggaon, north Karnataka. She completed her MTech in computer science at the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. Sudha Murty is an engineer, teacher, author, philanthropist, and the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation.

She has immensely contributed to English and Kannada literature. She has written novels, technical books, travelogues, collections of short stories and non-fictional pieces, and books for children. Also, her works have been translated into all the major Indian languages.

Sudha Murty was the recipient of the R.K. Narayan Award for Literature and the Padma Shri in 2006. In 2011, she was honored with the Attimabbe Award from the government of Karnataka for excellence in Kannada literature.

I have listed the best Sudha Murty Books that you must read. It includes Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children’s books, a collection for all age groups.


1. Dollar Bahu 

Sudha Murty books

A story about Indian bahu and her relationship with her mother-in-law. It’s a story that talks about how money governs and alters the behaviors of people.

Grab the book and enjoy the real and relatable Indian household tale.

2. The Mother I Never Knew: Two Novellas

This book comprises two novellas that explore two quests by two different men—both for mothers they never knew they had.

Venkatesh, a bank manager, stumbles upon his lookalike one fine day. When he probes further, he discovers his father’s hidden past. The past included an abandoned wife and child.

3. House of Cards

A story about a young and enthusiastic woman, Mridula. One whose marriage falls apart when she saw a change in the behavior of his husband.

He started following corrupt practices of making money, which created problems between the couple. Read and know how Mridula moves ahead in life in the selfish and materialistic world.

4. Gently Falls: The Bakula

Sudha Murty’s first novel, written nearly three decades ago, remains relevant even today.

Gently Falls the Bakula is the story of a marriage that loses its way as ambition and self-interest take their toll. A marriage that led to the choices, where one had to sacrifice their ambition and dreams.


5. Wise and Otherwise: A salute to Life

This book has a lot of stories to tell and sure to charm many more readers. It will encourage them to explore their inner selves and the world around them with new eyes.

First published in 2002, Wise and Otherwise has sold over 30,000 copies in English and has been translated into all the major Indian languages.

6. The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk

Sudha Murty books

Again a great collection of short stories from the life of Sudha Murty. Every story has its own charm and lessons attached to it.

Each story is lived by her. She has summaries all the events and the wonderful people she came across in her life journey.

7. Three Thousand Stitches: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives

Three Thousand Stitches is one of the best Sudha Murty books. It is a collection of 11 short stories. Every story you read is an essence of Sudha Murty’s journey and real-life experiences.

Some bitter and some great. These simple yet powerful, heart-warming stories will sink you with a mixture of emotions.

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8. Something Happened on the Way to Heaven: 20 Inspiring Real-Life Stories 

Sudha Murty books

Something Happened on the Way to Heaven is a collection of twenty such unforgettable true-life stories selected by Sudha Murty from a contest run by Penguin.

These tales reflect a lot of emotions such as hope, faith, kindness, and joy that life is full of. All the stories will keep you hooked with the book.

9. Here, There and Everywhere: Best-Loved Stories of Sudha Murthy

Sudha Murty Books

Here, There and Everywhere is a collection of the most loved stories by Sudha Murty.

It is a journey of more than 200 titles across genres and languages, bringing the best stories to the readers.


Sudha Murty’s is a popular name when it comes to choosing the best book for your kids. She has added a collection of delightful stories for all the children across the globe.

It includes engaging stories about kings, monkeys, animals, bears, mice, gods, birds, and many more. The list is endless and is loved by most of the children. These Stories are filled will magic and will enlighten your child.

The kids will not only enjoy the storytelling style of the author but also learn from it. It will empower the children with the great moral of the story attached to it.

Below I have listed out the best children’s books by Sudha Murty. Follow the post and grab one for your child. And believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

10. Grandma’s Bag of Stories

11. The Magic of the Lost Temple

Sudha Murty Books

12. The Bird with Golden Wings: Stories of Wit and Magic

13. How the Sea Became Salty

Sudha Murty books

14. The Daughter from a Wishing Tree: Unusual Tales about Women in Mythology

15. The Gopi Diaries: Coming Home

16. The Man from the Egg: Unusual Tales about the Trinity

17. The Serpent’s Revenge: Unusual Tales from the Mahabharata

18. Grandparents’ Bag of Stories

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19. The Magic Drum and Other Favourite Stories

20. The Gopi Diaries: Finding Love

21. How the Onion Got Its Layers

Sudha Murty books

22. The Sudha Murty Children’s Treasury

23. The Upside-Down King: Unusual Tales about Rama and Krishna

Let me know your favorite book from the Sudha Murty Books list.

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