Book Review Policy

I am glad you are here!

It feels honored as you consider me for reviewing your book. I will be grateful as my happiness lies in reading books. I spend most of my time with books and writing about them. However, I accept only those books which sound interesting to me.
This Book Review Policy- will guide you further about how I review books.

Bookfluke-Book Review Policy

What should you mention in a book review request?

Please share the book title, a blurb, the name of the author & publisher, and page count.

What Forms of Review copies do I Accept?

  • physical copy 
  • digital copy

What happens when I accept you’re Book Review Request?

Once I get the Book review copy from your end, I will read and review it within the discussed timeframe. I will post the review on my website and all social sites. I will also post the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

What happens when I don’t like your book?

All the reviews will be my honest opinion. Whether I like or dislike it, I will have the total right to it. The things I talk about the book will be unbiased. It will be my reading experience irrespective of others’ viewpoint. So whether it’s paid or unpaid review, I have the total right on the content I post. Any amount paid for the reviews will remain non-refundable.

In Addition to book reviews, what else I can help you with?

  • Giveaways: I will share the giveaways with my readers and love to engage with them and encourage reading.
  • Guest Blogging: Anything related to books and reading, I would like to write about it on other platforms as well.

Where should you connect with me for the book review request?

Contact Us

Will be happy to connect!