7 Books That Changed My Life Explained

For me, books are an inseparable part of my life. Book reading is a habit that I have acquired over a couple of years. With time this love has grown and evolved.

I do understand for some of us taking out time for reading is very difficult because of the busy schedule. In the fast pace of life, audiobooks are like a blessing. We can still immerse ourselves in the magic the books offer in a way, which would be missed otherwise. While exercising, cooking, running, listen at your speed and comfort.

Some audiobooks are so breathtaking and I don’t want my readers to miss out on these life-changing books. So, you can start with Amazon Audible and enjoy the books as you hear them.

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Some of the books which I keep revisiting are my favorite ones. Having read many genres, I have listed a few of my favorite books that changed my life. This is to make it easy for all those who are looking for a life-changing experience.

1. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari 

Author: Robin Sharma

books that changed my life-The monk who sold his Ferrari
Books that changed my life

The story is about Julian Mantle, a lawyer who found a new way of living in abundance by selling everything including his Ferrari to find the true purpose of his life.

This book is a self-help, motivational book that will help you to find meaning in your life. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is an inspiring tale with powerful lessons. It outlines The 7 Stages of Self-Awakening and has transformed millions of lives including mine.

Robin Sharma is an influential writer, global humanitarian, and leadership legend. He has a magnetic personality and mostly trains leadership qualities. Through his world-class training, he is determined to transform lives. He has launched many digital courses to help and benefit people across the world.

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2. Ikigai: The Japanese Secret To A Long And Happy Life

Author: Francesc Miralles and Hector Garcia

books that changed my life-Ikigai

The author has put together the insights and the practices, which lead to a healthier lifestyle. The concept meant to live a long and happy life.

The studies explained that a certain population in Japan, particularly the island of Okinawa, had a higher life expectancy. Which means they lived longer as compared to the rest of the population over the world.

The author tried to reveal the secret of the island. What led to the high life expectancy of the inhabitants of Okinawa.

They introduced the concept of Ikigai, which means the happiness of always being busy. According to this concept, to find purpose in life, you have to answer four questions:

What do you love?
What are you good at? Skills, passion, job, etc.
What does the world need?
What can you get paid for?

Finding a balance between the four areas may be the route to having a life that one looks forward to living.

This book has insights and case studies showing real-life stories, where the Ikigai concept was successful. Japanese philosophy worked perfectly for having a lasting body, mind, and spirit.

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3. The Laws Of Spirit World

Author: Khorshed Bhavnagri

The laws of Spirit world by Khorshed Bhavnagri
Books that changed my life

We are continuously seeking answers from God every time anything bad happens to us. We tend to forget that life cannot be a straight line it’s about the ups as well as downs. Life is all about how well you live and enjoy it even everything is falling apart.

The story is about Khorshed and her husband Rumi Bhavnagari, who lost their sons Vispi and Ratoo in a tragic car accident. After this incident, they had lost all the faith in God and were deeply in grief.

After a month Khorshed somehow got a message from her departed sons through a medium and her faith in God was restored. She was able to re-connect with her sons through a process of automatic writing.

The book is all about the communication between the mother(author) and her sons(Vispi and Ratoo). They used the telepathy technique to share information.

During this communication, the sons mentioned they are happy in the spirit world. They took permission from High Good Soul to guide her mother to write all the experiences of the world they were now living in. It would help her mother and also the other readers who had lost their faith in their lives. Through their messages, people will know about the spirit world and how to live life on earth and guide them in the godly path.

Their sons shared and educated their parents about the spirit world. The book talks about serving your mission on earth and rising spiritually.

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4. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki

books that changed my life-Rich dad Poor dad

Through this book, you will learn what mistakes you were doing, all the years? Why are you struggling with money?

It’s time you start reflecting on the decision you took. With the financial lessons from the book, you can change the way you were managing your money.

If you are the one who wants to know the secret, you need to pick this book now. You want to buy your home, start your business, buy a car, or plan your future, this book is all you need. If you are pondering on early retirement, follow the simple guidance from the book on financial freedom.

Do you have a poor person’s financial programmed mind Or a Rich mindset?

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5. ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever

Author: David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried

Books that changed my life

Pick this unconventional book that will teach you how to rethink and rework. It will change your thoughts and urge you to get started with your business idea the very moment you finish reading this book. Also mentioned by the author, you can ignore this book at your own peril.

I really liked the way the author has explained the complex problems in a much simpler way. With the creative headline and relatable images, he is able to pour in the thoughts correctly in the reader’s mind. The author has not only mentioned his experience but also shared the examples of other companies.

This book is for all the dreamers who are continuously urged of starting something of their own. It’s also for the young entrepreneurs who need a different approach to run their businesses.

This book is a guide for those who are stuck in their regular jobs and wish to start their own business. You can start a business on the side while keeping your day job which can meet your monthly expenses.

Rework will definitely make you rethink and rework to achieve your goals. Hoping this rework book review will nudge you to grab it now.

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6. Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway 

Author: Susan Jeffers

Books that changed my life-Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Fear will either help you attain your full potential or make you feel stuck forever. The choice is always yours and what you decide for yourself. 

The book is all about living life freely. Everyone feels fear. Fear should not be the stopping force but should be the stepping stone for achieving what you aspire to become.

We fear a lot of things in life. It could be new beginnings, endings, any change, success, failure, and the list is endless. 

Whatever the fear, this book will give you the insights and tools to understand and handle any given situation.

You will move from a place of pain, paralysis, and depression (feelings that often accompany fear) to one of power, energy, and excitement.

The book states a lot of powerful tools: Affirmations, Saying Yes to Your Universe, Positive Thinking, Taking Responsibility, No-Lose Decisions, Choosing Love and Trust, Learning to Give, and more.

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7. The Secret

Author: Rhonda Byrne

The Secret
Books that changed my life

The centuries-old secret held in the book is revealed. This secret is believed to be used by the most eminent people in the past. Now, this is passed on to the readers and the believers of the teachings practiced through the book.

This book is a series of stories of people who have used the theories of secret in their daily lives and have got the miraculous results from it. Additions to that, many notable teachers are featured in the book.

For anyone who is struggling with the career, health, wealth, relationship, or any aspect of life. This book will provide you the wisdom to create your life. You need the magic to change your life is already within you. If you want to learn how to use the power you have, this book is for you.

Anyone who believes this will find the book interesting. You will see and experience things happening in your life. It’s our mindset that helps us achieve the things we desire. This book is a guide for the people who understand it and want to explore more. 

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What would you add to your reading list?

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