15 Best Places To Download Free eBooks

Today we can read plenty of books with just one click. We need not carry our bookshelves with us. Imagine you need to travel with all your books. Don’t you think one phone is all you need? You have all the websites for free ebooks. No Hussle and no missing out on your best read. You can read, re-read, share, recommend, and save it.

Isn’t it wonderful!

We understand every reader is looking for a specific genre of ebook collection, or some may look for educational ebooks. We got all the sites and apps covered in this post. Find all kinds of ebooks.

Explore and expand your reading to all sorts of genres. You can find educational and professional ebooks. These websites and apps will offer you books on fantasy, mystery, romantic, spiritual, etc. You can also find ebooks for kids, teens, and all age groups.

These ebooks are also made available in different languages to reach out to every person around the world. The public library is open for all, and we will help you start your reading journey.

So, What are you waiting for? Check out the amazing list and forget all your excuses now.

Here at BookFluke, we have listed the top websites and apps for downloading free eBooks to help our readers focus on just reading. These sites are free for all readers.

Don’t miss out on the bonus Information at the end!

1. Loyal Books

Loyal Books - free ebooks site
Loyal Books
  • More than 35,000+ eBooks
  • Read Online or Download for offline use
  • Download the free ebook chapter wise
  • Includes Book reviews & ratings
  • Works on any mobile device.
  • Easy Access of the ebooks on Loyal Books App

2. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg free ebooks
Project Gutenberg
  • More than 60,000+ eBooks
  • Read Online or Download the book chapter wise
  • Works on any mobile device.
  • Easy Access of the ebooks on Project Gutenberg App

3. Lit2Go

  • Plenty of eBooks
  • Read Online
  • Download chapter wise in pdf format

4. Open Culture

Open Culture
  • 800+ Free Books
  • Read Online or download
  • Get the eBooks on iPad, Kindle, and other devices

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5. Storynory

storynory free ebooks
  • Free eBooks for Kids
  • Read Online download for later use
  • Free Stories for kids
  • Works on any mobile device
  • Easy Access of the ebooks on Storynory App

6. Digitalbook

Digitalbook free ebooks
  • Read Online
  • Read on Kindle

7. Bookrix

Bookrix free ebooks online
  • Read Online
  • Download for offline use

8. Manybooks

Manybooks free books
  • More than 50,000 ebooks for free
  • Book Reviews & Ratings
  • Read Online
  • Download for offline use
  • Read on the computer or any other devices.

9. Internet Archive

Internet Archive free ebooks
Internet Archive
  • Plenty of ebooks for free
  • Read Online
  • Download for offline use
  • Read on the computer or any other devices.

10. Bookbub

Bookbub free site for reading
  • Read online
  • Features limited-time offers for the best free book
  • Read on the computer or any other devices.

11. PDF Drive

Pdf drive
Pdf Drive
  • Read online
  • Download for offline use
  • Read on the computer or any other devices.

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12. Google Play Books

Google Play Books free ebook app
  • Read online
  • For Android Phones

13. Wattpad

Wattpad free ebook app
  • eBook and popular stories.
  • Read online
  • Download for online use
  • Works on any mobile device.

14. Oodles

Oodles app for free ebook
  • More than 50,000+ ebooks
  • Works on any mobile device.

15. iBook

Ibook app
  • Read online
  • For iOS Phones

This post includes the best websites and apps that will give you a chance to access free ebooks. On these platforms, you can search for plenty of ebooks of your choice, read online, download them, and also can save it for future use.

Bonus Point: Best Free Reading App

Reading Apps are easy, simple, and convenient to use. Browsing content on such apps becomes much smoother. We have listed a few most popular and free reading app to help our readers focus on just reading.

  1. Amazon Kindle
  2. FB Reader
  3. Oodles ebook Reader
  4. Bookfunnel
  5. Wattpad
  6. Overdrive

You can get many eBooks, free of cost on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

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Happy Reading!


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