15 Lessons from Chanakya Neeti everyone should know.

Chanakya is also known as Kauṭilya or Vishnu Gupta. He is the epitome of intelligence and wisdom. He was highly valued and considered eminent during the Mauryan Empire. Even after so many years, his teachings and sutras are still prevalent in modern times. His ideologies reflected human prosperity.

Chanakya was one of the greatest economists, a teacher, a philosopher. He also wrote the Hindi scripture names as Arthasastra. His book Chanakya Neeti is a compilation of teachings that shares knowledge on every practical aspect of life. It talks about various topics covering law, economics, ethics, government, social welfare, growth strategies for individuals and the nation, wealth creation, politics, and more such areas meant for progress.

Chanakya Neeti lessons will make you aware and wise. Wise to understand the situation and make the right decisions. Decisions which will lead to upliftment of individual, society and county as a whole. It has situation and rules to be better and be resourceful.

We have listed out a few powerful teachings from the book Chanakya Neeti that will resonate with everyone.

1. Don’t be lazy.

Don't be lazy.

Since lazy don’t make any effort, it’s impossible for them to achieve anything or gain from any advantage. The lazy cannot even protect the advantage already received. There is no present or future for a lazy person. Also, never be lazy in learning (or adopting) good qualities.

2. True friends make you powerful.

In order to prosper in life, it’s necessary to surround yourself with good friends. Having true friends makes you more powerful. They will also guide you if you confused. They will make you believe in yourself and help you grow. True friends support you emotionally, mentally at your lowest as well as at your highest in life.

3. Growth and decay are always in one’s own hands.

It is an obvious statement. Nobody can ensure any body’s growth if that person is destroying oneself. And if one is determined to grow, nobody can cause that person’s destruction. Remember, persistence and dedication is the key to success, which comes from within.

4. Fortune favors the brave.

Be brave. Once you believe in yourself, even fate follows. God helps those who help themselves. A courageous person gets support from even the divine powers. All you need to do is to jump higher than your obstacles with all your courage.

5. Be Determined.

teachings from the book Chanakya Neeti

Work gets completed if one is determined to do it. Determination is the driving force as it becomes one’s sole aim. It makes you more focused. Lack of sincerity in efforts goes to ruin the work, so one should be determined to do a job.

6. Acquire knowledge.

Alone courage is not enough to achieve success in one’s mission.
One must acquire the knowledge and resources, without which one is not likely to achieve one’s objective. So be resourceful and educate yourself. Education will ensure that there is a constant growth of knowledge and wealth.

Thieves can’t steal one’s education (or knowledge). Education spreads one’s fame. One’s fame never gets destroyed.

7. Silver becomes gold when mixed with gold.

Even raw earth (or soil) if it remains in touch with flowers produces fragrance. We become the people we spent time with. So remember to choose people wisely. Good people will make you good. It’s contagious. It’s important for your growth and becoming your higher self.

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8. Save money to protect yourself from distress.

Education or your skills will help you make money. One must be financially intelligent to save money for any future crisis. At the time of any distress, your savings can become your greatest asset for you. You need not ask for monetary help from anyone.

Also, remember that the whole world respects the wealthy (or resourceful person).

9. Controls your anger.

He who controls his anger wins over everyone. A calm mind helps a person mull over in the most effective way, resulting in wise actions.

Often decision taken in anger leads to more problems and confusion that instead can be avoided.

10. One reaps as one sows.

lessons on wisdom

If you plant a Babool tree, you can’t get mango from it. Do good to others, and good will come to you. Have compassion and love for others. Also, help the needy and poor ones whenever you can. It’s like Karma. It’s a boomerang. So, be kind to the people around you. Your smallest of act and change lives.

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11. Make donation wisely.

Donations must be made according to the need of the receiver. Excess of everything can cause harm later. So, this way the receiver will be grounded and treat you respectfully.

12. Follow your Dharma.

One must follow one’s Dharma in this world. When all follow their Dharma the human society rests in peace. Dharma can be just following your passion, which helps in the development of individuals and society holistically.

13. Take care of your health.

The disease is more dangerous than the enemy. Health is referred to as the greatest wealth anyone can possess. Therefore, always take care of yourself and your family’s health.

14. Value time.

One must finish one’s job at the due time because any delay may not let one complete it at all. Remember time is money. You may miss the right opportunity if you don’t value time.

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15. Don’t be afraid of the adversities.

Be brave  in life

Dire into the water and draw out benefits like a fisher. Enter into troubles fearlessly if one wants to convert a problem into an opportunity. With courage, you can fight all the problems that come your way and achieve what you desire.

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