Mehrun: Book Review

Mehrun: Book Review

Author: Najia Rizvi

Publisher: Half Baked Beans (19 June 2019)

Genre: Romantic-fiction


Mehrun is a simple and beautiful love story. The story revolves around a tall, young, and charming girl, Mehrun Khan who moves from Bhilai to Indore for her higher education in Hospital Management.

As she grew with most of her male cousins, she was more practical in nature and was usually detached from any emotional feelings. She believed in logic and therefore was emotionally strong.

The story begins with the college and hostel life, and all the fun and struggles of student life. While Mehrun made good friends like Avinav and Meera and thoroughly enjoying the new freedom, she also fell for a guy Aarush. 

Considering the difference between her and Aarush,  Mehrun decided to let go of him as she was more logical and knew the difference will always keep them apart. 

Later she decides to marry a guy from her community, chosen by her parents.

This romantic love story has its own twists and turns, which brings Mehrun closer to her love, career, and destiny.

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Must Read For:

If you enjoy reading love stories, you definitely will enjoy this book as well. You can pick this book without any second thought.

This young love story will definitely attract teenagers and the college-going group.

Others like me can re-live their college days and old memories through this novel.

Interesting Things About The Book:

This is the very first book written by Najia and I thoroughly enjoyed it while reading. The simple content, short poems are well written and quite expressive.

I really loved the bond of friendship shared by the characters in the story, which is adorable. 

College days are the best days of life and the writer has truly depicted it. With all the details of the events like fresher’s party, jashn, Christmas party, internships, exams, dating, short trips, dance party, love, jealousy, fights, and many more things are beautifully depicted.

Also, any love story is incomplete without love letters so the emails shared were adorable.

Lastly, the cover photo of the book is refreshing and beautiful. The book came with a special aroma inside, which kept the aura filled with love. All the readers must have enjoyed it. I personally liked it. It made me feel special while holding the book.

About The Author:

Mehrun is the debut novel of Najia Rizvi. It’s inspired by her own life. Hence, she was able to present it with perfect emotions that make it simple and yet remarkable.

Quotes from the book:

When you stay positive and are open to new experiences, interesting opportunities knock on your doors out of nowhere.

Calamities have a way of bringing people together and in adversities, we often find our true strength.

Rating: 3/5

Mehrun Book Review

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