5 Paulo Coelho Books You Must Read

Paulo Coelho is a well-known Brazilian author and lyricist. He was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1947, is one of the bestselling and most influential authors in the world.

Paulo Coelho Books are always the most favorite books for many readers. His books are famous worldwide and have impressed millions of souls. He has followed his dream of becoming a writer and is inspiring millions to follow their passion.

I love reading his books and listed a few book recommendations for my blog readers. Here are my personal favorite top five books of Paulo Coelho.

1. The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho Books

“Life really is generous to those who pursue their Personal Legend.”

The Alchemist is a beautiful, fictional story full of magic. The adventure will surely amuse you.

Paulo Coelho has a unique way of storytelling embedded with life lessons. Every page you turn will excite you and take you to different places of adventure. A book worth reading. I must say it is one of the thought-provoking and life-changing books.

Read the adventurous journey of the boy. Experience the story of chasing dreams and following your heart. I would highly recommend the young minds to read it. They should not miss the opportunity to read such a majestic book.

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2. Veronika Decides to Die

“The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter.”

Reading this piece of work by Paulo Coelho will change your perspective towards life. It’s a story of a young girl named Veronica. Despite having everything, she felt a void in her life and decides to kill herself.

After committing suicide, she survived. The pills overdose could not kill her but seriously affected her heart health. All she had was a few days to live in a mental hospital.

Read her journey of self-discovery, a quest to find a meaningful and fulfilling life.

3. Brida

“Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”

This is the story of Brida, a young Irish girl, and her quest for knowledge and fulfillment.

Brida was interested in various aspects of magic, which led her to learn courses in astrology, tarot, and numerology. As she was seeking deep knowledge of magic, she met many wise people in her journey who taught her about the magic world.

It is the tale of love, passion, destiny, mystery, and spirituality.

4. The Archer

“But never hold back from firing the arrow if all that paralyzes you is fear of making a mistake. If you have made the right movements, open your hand and release the string. Even if the arrow fails to hit the target, you will learn how to improve your aim next time.”

The Archer is an inspiring tale of Tetsuya, a man once famous for his immense gift with a bow and arrow. It’s a story about a young man who comes searching and seeking wisdom from him.

Paulo Coelho provides the framework for a self-discovering and rewarding life: hard work, passion, purpose, thoughtfulness, the willingness to fail, and the urge to make a difference.

5. Hippie

Paulo Coelho Books

“As though everything truly had to be faced without fear, as a mere fact of life – we don’t choose the things that happen to us, but we can choose how we react to them.”

Hippie is the most unconventional autobiography of Paulo Coelho as he challenges the unquestioning lives the older generations had.

It’s a story of self-discovery, travel & adventure, a search for an inner truth, where Paulo refuses to live the robotic and boring life that their parents had known.

What’s your favorite Paulo Coelho Book?

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