The Laws of the Spirit World: Book Review

Author: Khorshed Bhavnagri

Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Help

First Published: 2009

Why did I choose the Book: The Laws of the Spirit World?

I was never passionate about reading. My Reading was limited to textbooks until I completed my degree. This book came my way when one of my friends suggested this book.

Somehow this book made sense and was a perfect pick for me at that point in time. I was elated by the book and this is how the journey of reading began and now reading is something which I can’t live without.


We are continuously seeking answers from God every time anything bad happens to us. We tend to forget that life cannot be a straight line it’s about the ups as well as downs. Life is all about how well you live and enjoy it even everything is falling apart.

The story is about Khorshed and her husband Rumi Bhavnagari, who lost their sons Vispi and Ratoo in a tragic car accident. After this incident, they had lost all the faith in God and were deeply in grief.

After a month Khorshed somehow got a message from her departed sons through a medium and her faith in God was restored. She was able to re-connect with her sons through a process of automatic writing.

The book is all about the communication between the mother(author) and her sons(Vispi and Ratoo). They used the telepathy technique to share information.

During this communication, the sons mentioned they are happy in the spirit world. They took permission from High Good Soul to guide her mother to write all the experiences of the world they were now living. It would help her mother and also the other readers who had lost their faith in their lives. Through their messages, people will know about the spirit world and how to live life on earth and guide them in the godly path.

Their sons shared and educated their parents about the spirit world. The book talks about serving your mission on earth and rises spiritually.

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Must read for:

Book is a must-read for those who want to understand and know more about rebirth, guardian angel, why one should pray to God, laws of karma, good and bad deeds, suicide and its consequence, why we come to earth, twin soul, the existence of God, why we dream while sleeping and many more interesting things related to the spirit world.

This book will help you understand your purpose or karma on earth. It will answer many questions like:
What are good karma and bad karma? What happens to a person who dies in an accident? Why people have negative feelings for others? What bad things happen to good people? What happens if anyone commits suicide? How can one rise spiritually? What is a spirit world? Why should we pray, and is anyone listening to it? How can you heal yourself?

The book is best for those who believe in spirits and supernatural powers. Anyone who had lost their loved ones and doesn’t know how to make peace with yourself. The book will inspire you to trust God as he does best for you.

I would also recommend this book to those people who are depressed and don’t understand where life is taking them. This book will give you a fresh perspective on life. It will heal you and make you a better individual.

Interesting things which I enjoyed:

The author has weaved multiple stories which kept me engrossed. The depicted stories seemed true and you can easily resonate with your real life. These stories will help you know your path and then you can follow it.

I was able to get many answers to the questions which I had about the spirit world. Book changed my thought process about life and life after death. The writing is simple and easy to understand.

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About the Author:

Khorshed Bhavnagri lived in Bombay, India. After the loss of her sons, she was in immense pain. She embarked upon a spiritual journey and found why bad things happen to people.

With courage, she was able to reacquire peace back in her life. Also, she has served as a spiritual guide to thousands of people in India by imparting her knowledge to others.

 Quotes from the book:

“Who has fallen to lower levels due to evil and bad influences, Earth is paradise.”

“God Almighty has given you double protection from evil influences so that you do not fall spiritually. One is your own powerful and most wonderful subconscious mind, which will always try to stop you unless you have decided not to listen to it, and it has become dormant. The second is your spirit guide, whom some will call a guardian angel. All souls on Earth have spirit guides who watch out for them from the spirit world.”

“As you are on Earth, there are bound to be problems, but you must face them, so face them with a courageous smile. Your faith in God and your prayers will definitely be of great use to us as well, as it makes it easier for us to reach you, guide you, and help you.”

“You may think you are harming others and some of you take pleasure in this, but in reality, you are harming yourself hundreds of times more than you have harmed anyone else.”

“Real happiness comes from true love, nature’s beauty, genuine laughter and smiles (not forced, as many people do), helping others selflessly, and purifying your soul to achieve a higher level.”

“You were the act then, you are the act now, and who you are is the result of what you think, say, and do.”

Rating: 4/5

Restore your peace, happiness, and faith. Grab this book now. Excited to discover life after death? Want to pick your next book?

The laws of Spirit world
The laws of the Spirit world

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