The Wheel Of Spirituality- A Joyful Journey to Siddhi: Book Review & Summary

The Wheel Of Spirituality- A Joyful Journey to Siddhi: Book Review & Summary

Author: Dr. Vinay Bansal

Genre: Non-fiction, Spirituality

Page Count: 68

First published on: 28 Nov’20

1-Sentence Summary:

The book talks about achieving Siddhi – the ultimate state of bliss. It’s a guide for people seeking spiritual awareness. The author has bestowed the ten simple steps to achieve a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Book Review:

The Wheel Of Spirituality presents the ten spokes of the wheel. Each spoke stands for a lesson for life. Naming the spokes as Samriddhi, Sahitya, Sanskars, Sambhaav, Sadbhavna, Sakriyta, Samarpan, Satarkta, and Sadhna. They together lead us to its very core – Siddhi.

The use of short stories from our history, mythology, religion is unique. The author has also used modern-day ideas to explain religious philosophy. So, this makes it relatable to all age groups. The quotes are compelling, embedded with the lessons. This book is written to give a taste of spirituality to the modern generation.

Each chapter is endowed with a story to help the reader to retain the concept for a long duration. The book also provides exercises to practice these lessons in real life. If I talk about the writing style, it is simple and easy to read.

Key Lessons:

It doesn’t matter if the glass is half empty or half full. Be thankful that you have a glass. Be grateful that there is something in it.

In reality, we don’t value the little things in life. We tend to forget to realize and count the blessings we have. We don’t acknowledge that the most valuable things in life are free of cost, and we should always be grateful for them.

We should appreciate the gift of a healthy body, loving people, nature, and many other valuable resources which come free to us. Our life itself is proof of the beautiful gift of God we have received. We should be mindful and cherish our lives.


This book is excellent for someone who likes short, crisp, and meaningful reads. It will hardly take one hour of your time and provide you with great life lessons.

If you have already read a lot of spiritual books, then you may skip this book. The Wheel Of Spirituality is suitable for beginners.

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About the Author:

The book is written by Dr. Vinay Bansal and edited by Ms. Shruti Dutta Banik. Dr. Vinay Bansal is an MBBS graduate who is a writer, motivational speaker, Youtuber, and teacher. He has written many books and quotes. He is helping thousands of people especially the youth to find the actual meaning of life.

Quotes From The Book:

“There should be no give and take, as giving is a complete act.”

“On the highway of life, patience is your FasTag.”

Life is always stupendous, just change your lens.”


The Wheel Of Spirituality

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