Unicorn Farmhand by Jian Fong Samuel Yaw: Book Review

Unicorn Farmhand by Jian Fong Samuel Yaw

Genre: Science Fiction

First Published: 18 December 2019

Plot Synopsis:

A fascinating story about a unique horse named Dok Saau, who lived on Changs’ farm. A place for his fellow horses, accompanied by human keepers.

Although, he looked like the other pals of his herd. He was a stocky white stallion with a wide neck, four broad legs with enough strength to draw ploughs or carts.

While the others were busy waking up, munching grains, pulling ploughs or carts, running around, neighing, and whinnying, he liked spending most of his time with his human keepers. He was really delighted by their habit of writing.

He couldn’t just write words but also make meaningful sentences. While others could know a handful of words. He could easily understand and follow commands. He could write on the ground with his hooves or scribble text on a wall with a muddied stick.

Chang Gao, the keeper of the farm, was surprised by his talent. He decided to showcase his skills in the horse fair. Undoubtedly, Dok Saau was declared the smartest amongst all creatures, in the entire Siangwaan. Based on the DNA test, people also proclaimed him to be an endangered unicorn.

Dok Saau was an intelligent horse, who could understand human language. He possessed a smart brain as a unicorn but had no horn on his forehead. People assumed it might be due to genetic manipulation or someone could have modified his forehead and erased his memories as a colt. This could be the possible reason for his nightmare that trembled him in his dreams.

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The Consequences:

Chang Gao decided not to let Dok Saau move to the wildlife department. As per the rule in Siangwaan, he paid an extra amount and brought him back to the farm. Soon after the event he became the celebrity animal and attracted a lot of visitors to the farm.

There was a small machine or headgear placed on the head of the horse. As the farm now became a tourist attraction, this machine helped him to convey his thought to the people who came to visit the farm.

Chang Gao made sure the herd is safe from all the visitors who dropped in. Dok Saau enjoyed living here on the farms which his amazing friends and human caretakers.

My Thoughts:

The story is about the nightmare which Dok Saau had, because of the miseries in his past life. Read the tale to know how did it help him to have a better life. Who supported him to find the reasons and the people behind it. Whether he was able to fight his fear or he succumbs to it.

The author has tried to create magic through his amazing technology and gadgets, which will make you believe in and relate it to yourself. You can feel that you are a part of this Sci-fi world.

The end of the story will not disappoint you. Find out what caused the trouble and tribulations in the past life of a magically blessed horse, and know whether he was able to overcome them or not.


If you like reading fictional stories. And, the idea of a unicorn being the prime character interests you, then this book is for you.

If you want to experience the adventurous life of these magically blessed creatures, pick this book and go on for a wild trip. This book will not disappoint you if you like stories and tales with a bit of magic.

Rating: 3/5

unicorn farmland by Jian Fong Samuel Yaw
Unicorn Farmhand by Jian Fong Samuel Yaw

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